Great Skin Do These 5 things Every Day

Make Sleep A Priority

Nighttime is prime time for your skin to repair. Being, run down, tired or exhausted always comes out in our skin. If it’s not spots, pimples or bags under the eyes. Lack of sleep can cause our elasticity in your skin to soften which can lead to more wrinkles. When you make sleep a priority, You’ll feel so much better, and it will be reflected in how your skin looks as well.

At night, the body stops focusing on basic functions like digestion and puts its energy toward restoration. Which makes sleep high on the to do lost when it comes to great skin.

Prioritizing good sleep, is good self love

While dark circles and sallow skin are common giveaways, sleep deprivation has also been linked to quicker skin aging and imbalanced skin function. the “stress hormone” may rise, leading to increased oil production and possible acne. With insufficient sleep, you may also miss out on some of the key nutrients to the skin that happens at night.

Wear Sun Screen

Moisturizers with sunscreen are only getting better, sheerer, and easier to wear, so there’s no excuse not to wear one daily. It can protect us against heat, which, can be linked with worsening of pigmentation.

There’s sun damage you can see right away (a burn), and the inevitable damage you’ll meet down the road in the form of wrinkles, lost elasticity, sunspots, and dullness.

The right tools for you

Some skincare ingredients just work, end of story. But some don’t. Some skin products might work for your best friend, but could make you break out into red, pimple skin.

Firstly you need to figure out what skin type you are. Have you oily skin? Skin skin, sensitive? So the best thing to do is get a skin analysis. Lloyds Pharmacy actually do a free consultation and can assess your skin and give you the advice to select which products would be suitable for your skin.

Find a gently exfoliator, peel and night time moisturizer and use it weekly, or a gentle daily scrub to get rid of dead skin.

Never go to sleep with make up on, and I have learnt the hard way that make-up wipes do not cleanse the skin. Those things end up on your pillow and are likely rubbed into your skin as you sleep. Use a makeup remover or micellar water before washing your face, or try the double-cleansing method of cleansing oil, then face wash

And keep this in mind when trying any new skincare product or treatment the path to better skin “is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Eat Plenty Of Fish & Vegetables

Lots of healthy fats (from olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish like salmon) and antioxidants (green, leafy vegetables) — are all great for your skin. Berries, too, “are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help slow down the aging process, I recommend citrus fruits (red grapefruit) and broccoli as sources of vitamin C.

Oh and lots of water, but you know that one already!

Self Care

The one thing that could age us quicker then you can say happy birthday is stress feeling stressed about stress and what that stress is doing to your skin.

Stress prompts the adrenal glands to release hormones like cortisol, which aids the body’s “fight-or-flight” response to stress. It may also contribute to inflammation and sensitivity

Exercise, meditation, massage, deep breathing — are all things that can be classed as ‘self care’

Have a think about what helps you relax and unwind and do it regularly to alleviate stress.