Sweet Potatoe & Peanut Butter Soup

Is there anything better than soup for the soul as the weather gets colder there's nothing I love more then Dublin in the Autumn, with deep, soulful conversations whilst tucking into a big bowl of hot soup 💛 For my Recipe today I have collaborated with one of my favorite brands Life Force linked below

R E C I P E 

1◾ 200 g Sweet Potatoe 
2◾ Two Tbsp @lifeforce_ie
Coconut Oil 
3◾ Two Tbsp @lifeforce_ie
Peanut Butter 
4◾ 2 Garlic Cloves 
5◾ 1 white Onion 
6◾ 2 Tbsp of Red curry paste
7◾ 1 litre of Vegetable Stock

M E T H O D 

Peel & cube Sweet Potatoes, put to one side. Then heat the coconut oil, whilst adding your peanut butter, onion, garlic and red curry paste on a low heat stir for
Slowly pour Vegtable stock into mix. Add the Potatoe. Shimmer for 20 mins.
Blitz, add salt, and seasoning & serve with some lovely warm bread 😋