Winter Wellness- Your Guide To Supplements

Vitamins & supplements have truly taken over the wellness scene, and it’s not as simple as taking just one pill to improve your overall health. Nowadays we know each of us can benefit from taking certain vitamins that would may be lacking from our diets, there are a wide range of supplements available for each individual to help be their healthiest selves. Vitamins are not just classed as cold busting vitamin c , there are huge range of vitamins & supplements that work beyond just fighting a cold. Taking Vitamins & supplements have proven to help improve your overall well-being. to help in areas such as tiredness, improve skin, hair and nails, improve with sleep and so much more…

I believe in finding the right supplements and vitamins our bodies need to make them as healthy as possible, and, trust me I have tried and tested plenty. I recently was at an event hosted by Lloyds Pharmacy, Jenny, one of the very informative pharmacists gave me some wonderful advice on the night, and a real insight to what vitamins our bodies need this winter to help keep us at peak health. There are a lot of options out there and in this blog post I have highlighted a few depending on what your body needs-

While finding which supplements are right for you is hard enough, the issue of which brand to pick is a whole other challenge. So the ones I have listed below I have used in my experience and have felt really happy with the outcomes.

I love Lloyds Pharmacy because they’re known or the high standards and great help and advice in stores.

Basically, you know you’re getting only good-for-you ingredients in the most healthy and nutritious way possible.

Read on for my Go-To Guide to finding which supplements are right for you:


What to take to get more energy


B Vitamins


All of the B Vitamins — especially Vitamin B12 — help with cognitive functions and preventing tiredness and fatigue, so this vitamin is essential for those that are active. Many of us are not getting enough B vitamin, especially because vitamins like B12 mostly come from animal products (that almond milk replacement is good for our flat whites, but can be bad for our energy levels). So take a daily B12 or B-complex vitamin, and if you’re gluten-free, make sure you’re getting enough B6.

I am currently taking Sona Nutrition MultiPlus

Benefits :

  • Multivitamin / Multimineral

  • Time Release formula for optimum absorption

  • 29 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for good health

  • Energy metabolism

  • Mental performance

  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue




Not enough iron results in extreme fatigue and even brain confusion. More people than ever are low in iron or iron-deficient, with the increase rise of Vegans and Vegetarians (the richest sources of iron are meat and seafood) Even the average person who eat meat and fish are still lacking in this vitamin. So even if you are not Vegan/Vegetarian make sure you’re constantly checking your iron levels with your doctor. If you’re, pregnant, or have heavy periods, an iron supplement may be crucial to keeping your energy levels up.


What to take to help fight or prevent colds


Vitamin C


Taking Vitamin C is one of the famous well known miracle cold-buster which can help reduce the duration and symptoms of the common cold. It also defends against colds and illnesses, as it protects and strengthens your immune system over time.


What you should take for beauty




This is our go-to hair and nailer helper. If you think your hair or nails are feeling too brittle and weak, add some extra biotin supplements to your routine to strengthen them up. The vitamin causes hair and nails to grow back thicker and stronger, so say goodbye to limp hair and broken nails. I am currently taking Natures Bounty Gummies


Fish Oil


There’s a lot of heart-healthy benefits of this superfood supplement, like lowering blood pressure and reducing the likeliness of heart attacks. Some of the other benefits just so happen to be insanely beautifying. Fish oil is amazing for your skin, hair growth and as it can reduce acne and aging, and hydrates your skin.

Fish oil smoothie from Sona Nutrition or Fish oil Tablet

How To Help You Sleep



This mineral has the ability to relax the body and calm the brain (literally, it helps manage anxiety when taken over time). As an added bonus, it helps keep bowel movements regular and prevents migraines. Take in powder form before bed, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.


What to take for general health


Probiotics are known to Improve immune function, protect you against hostile bacteria to prevent infection ( That includes Thrush ladies, if you do suffer with this which is very common for all ages of ladies, taking a good probiotic can significantly reduce this. It also can improve digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

Vitamin D 

Overall, we are wearing more sunscreen when we need to (yay!) — but the bad news is that Living in Ireland or the UK we hugely lack in any quality sunshine throughout the year. Vitamin D the vitamin we get from sun exposure)- which we don’t get much of. It certainly doesn’t help that we can’t all be surf instructors and spend most of our days inside in an office. Modern lifestyles have resulted in low Vitamin D for so many of us. This essential vitamin is crucial for bone health, brain function, mood, and hormone balance. consider a Vitamin D supplement for overall health.


Which Vitamins and Supplements would you take for your health? What are your favorites?