10 New Year's Resolutions To Make This Year

I know I know I’m so slow at getting my New Years resolutions sorted, we are already a week into 2019 and I still haven't had a chance to sit down and write them out. Although you don't need a New Year to break old habits there is something inspiring to me to have a few resolutions in mind, it’s nice to have something to work towards and I’ve had a good few ideas going on in my head since the Christmas break. I will definitely share my final 5 New Years Resolutions on the blog post, in the meantime If your in the same boat as me and haven't decided what your goals are for 2019 yet. I thought I would give you a few ideas but most importantly ideas that have nothing to do with losing weight. Aside from the obvious promise to yourself to become healthier, I think 2019 should be the year to focus on something else other than your weight. Am I right? There is so much more to life then how much you weigh.

Here are 12 Resolutions that can help make 2019 the best year yet.

Take a trip alone

Something I have learned as I get older is how much I love my own company. No one to please but yourself. sounds like bliss right? There is nothing more empowering and motivating then exploring a new city, town, country or even a spa break alone! So pack your bag, back a good book and off you go!

Pick Up A New Hobby

You walk past that Yoga Class every night and wish you could be a Yogi, well you can be. That huge hill everyone seems to be climbing, you want to join a hike club. Go for it. That new Art class that's opened up but your too afraid you won’t be any good! Grab that paint brush and give it a go. That blog you’ve always wanted, start it! Actions speak so much louder than words. So don't be afraid to try something you have never done. You have nothing to lose. Take a chance on your interests now- Your happiness will thank you for it later.

Stay Informed With The News

Swap your usual morning scrolling on social media for some news reading, staying informed with the news gains you knowledgeable insight to what’s going on in the world and can help hold conversations with new people, friends or colleagues. Turn on the radio, scroll through a news website, pick up a newspaper and don’t be surprised if you start learning so much more and becoming more cultured and confident version of yourself.

Make Your Lunch Everyday

That costly lunch in the city, plus 2… maybe 3 coffees a day can total into a costly sum by the end of the week. Say goodbye to that 10 euro salad and make a huge effort to bring your lunch into work. It will save you so much time, and money

Call Your Parents More

There is so much going on in your life- it can be chaos at times, not just for yourself but for your parents too. Take a moment to check in on your loved ones. Your parents love you no matter what, but, they miss you too there is nothing better then letting them know about your day or your week. Especially if you live in another country like me. I make an even bigger effort to speak to them as much as possible. Sometimes it’s nice to even get facetime on make a cuppa tea and pretend we are in a coffee shop. Pick up the phone. No text, Talk.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox

The satisfaction of a clean and organised Inbox helps you keep on top of everything going on, clean slate in 2019 you may as well have a clean email too. That means unsubscribing to that store you brought 1 thing from 4 years ago and blocking all sorts of mail lists that you said yes too last year… on another note:

Say No More Often

Making things easier for others, shouldn't mean making things harder for yourself. Ty not to sacrifice your own mental health by taking on too much, there is nothing wrong by saying “no” once in a while. Especially in the New Year, your schedule is filling up fast, a new puppy from Christmas a new job role and so many new responsibilities. Its impossible to take on the world so try be a little kinder to yourself and if you need to say no, do.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Getting outdoors and exploring is one of the most exhilarating things, green therapy is something I can not recommend enough. Find a new hobby that's outdoors, not only does it impact your physical health but your mental health too. Whenever you can try get at least 30 MINUTES of green space a day. Trust me you will thank yourself for it.

Learn A New Skill

As well as being more cultured from reading the news, it’s also super beneficial to learn and take up a new skill. Whether you have finally decided to learn to cook something other than pasta and meatballs or taking up a course on excel to improve your work life. Chose something that will impact and improve your life and make you a more skilful person.

Volunteer In Your Community

There is so much good to be done, and you can spread your kindness to others by helping in your local community. That new skill you have picked up why not help others with the same skill at your old school, share your enthusiasm and lead a hand in need at a homeless shelter, love dogs, want to get outdoors more, help walk some of the dogs that are in shelters.

What Resolutions will you be making in 2019? Share with me in the comments below!