4 Ways To Reset This Bank Holiday Monday

Is there anything better than a Sunday reset? Well in this case a Monday Reset I would happily stay in my Pyjamas for the entire day. I like to think I’m a Monday person, not a Monday morning person (who is) but I do love Mondays because they’re a fresh start. I have new goals and intentions that I’m ready to kick into gear and new events to look forward to. But I can’t accomplish these goals or have a positive mindset without a little bit of a Sunday/Bank holiday reset, self-care, before the week starts. I encourage you to try resetting on Sunday/ bank holiday so that everything in your life can start fresh come Monday — including your mindset.

Reset Your Mind

One thing that keeps me focused is making sure I have a to-do list for the week ahead, starting of with a simple list of everything I have to get done, then nailing it down to a Must do list with alot more detail. - I than assign a day to each thing I must get done. Is there anything better than ticking it off your list when you’ve got the task done.

I also keep track of my tasks on excel. For example, I assign times and hours to my work for school, teaching, assign times for content creation with brands I am working with, time for social media, and time for friends/family/facetime etc. So this organises my week ahead. Sure things don't always go to plan but this way you can work around your prioritises.

Reset Your Hair

Next up is giving your locks some well deserved love and attention, it’s been a busy weekend you have curled, straightened and brushed your hair within an inch of its life. It’s time to put some live back into it. Either buy yourself some full bodied intense serum or simply smoother your hair with coconut oil. Massage your head and throw it up into a high bun & go about your day- Sunday food prep, a little workout, walk the dog but keep it in for as long as you can.

Reset Your Stuff

If you're anything like me, I carry my one rucksack with me everywhere. I mean everywhere. I live out this bag and never take anything out of it but it can become so cluttered by the end of the week including my computer. To combat this, close out all tabs and notifications on your computer. Unsubscribe from annoying promo emails and delete unnecessary items from your downloads folder. Wipe down your screen and keyboard. Then, I challenge you to shut down your computer and have a computer-free rest of your Sunday/Monday— your emails can wait until your back to work tomorrow.

Now to reset your bag, dump everything out into a pile on a clear area of your floor (preferably not carpeted). First, throw away all trash and scraps of paper. Then, take out anything that belongs in your house (Tupperware, your water bottle, socks), and put it where it goes. Then, gather up all of your odds and ends like hair ties, pens, (oh there is your favourite lip balm you’ve been looking for) Then, put everything back in your bag and put it away until tomorrow.

Reset Your Body

Lastly, get some fresh air there is still time this afternoon it’s proven to reduce anxiety, improve your happiness, triggers feelings of gratitude and it supports good mental health. Take hikes, go to the ocean, go to the mountains- and keep going back. For me its imperative I get some daily movement outdoors to give me time out from everything that is going on. I find its almost a sense of meditation and mindfulness when I move outdoors, listen to the waves or even pop on a podcast.

Other thaN exercise today, enjoy some food that you are craving, I'm eating a large slice of pizza as I write this and man its good. If fresh salads, huge roasts, takeaway is your thing, well go for it. Reset your food and body which ever fits your feelings.

Take a long hot bath or shower and treat your body with some love, moisturiser, trim your nails, put the tan on. Take some time to reset your body and make you feel fresh going into the new week.

Happy St Patricks Weekend. I hope you had a lovely one and enjoyed a wee pint of Guinness

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