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 Allowing your team to Move, Energise, Glow is at the centre of everything we do

More than ever, people need to be empowered to live and Thrive, every day. Especially at their workplace. At Move Energise Glow, we’ve built a health and wellbeing programme that helps you to do just that. Our unique Move Energise Glow programme is designed to empower your team so that they can excel at home, at work, physically, and mentally, in mind & body.

We bring MOVE ENERGISE GLOW to you and your team. We will design bespoke classes for you that cater for all size companies and company needs. We offer Total Body Workouts- HITT, Pilates, Yoga, Boxercise, mindfulness. As well as life coaching, Nutrition workshops and seminars. Team building activities/workshops & Team trips.



We have a unique approach to our client meetings when starting your health and wellbeing journey. Although all the services and programmes that Move Energise Glow offers provide a solid foundation for health and wellbeing in your company, our experience has shown us that the best results come from a collaborative approach. Most of our clients also want to use health and wellbeing as a recruitment and retention tool, and want to improve employee engagement and productivity whilst at the same time reducing absenteeism. With all of this in mind we take a wellness review at the beginning of our training block & the end. This approach or 'journey is illustrated below.



Feelings of wellbeing are vital to an individual’s overall health. Especially in their work environment. In turn a happy and healthy workforce is a more focused, energetic and loyal team with much lower level of absenteeism. Incorporating a wellness programme at work enables employees to successfully include a training regime into their lives without he stress or burden of gym fees, time or extra money. We want to live happier, healthier lives every day and ensure that we, and our families, have a high quality of life. And ‘Move Energise Glow’ encapsulates so much more than physical health. It also includes mental health and mindfulness. Our health & wellbeing team deliver a range of modern and innovative services to evaluate, engage and motivate employees and their families to make changes and most importantly to stick to them, for essentially a happy, healthy workplace.



Our Move Energise Glow Programme are engaging, innovative and results focused, helping your employees be at their physical best. We help your company and employees tackle stigma, understand the issues, and put in place the structures and culture to improve workplace mental & physical health. We understand that health and wellbeing is not just 9-5 it’s something we develop and work on everyday- To be at our best what happens outside of work is as important and our programme embraces that.


  • Yoga & Yoga HITT

  • Pilates & Pilates HITT

  • Total body pump

  • Boxercise

  • Supercircuits

  • Aerobics

  • Bootcamp


  • Nutrition Programmes

  • Life Coaching seminars

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

All our Classes are tailored to the office environment, Its perfect for all levels of fitness from complete beginner to advanced we cater for everyone’s needs- All equipment can be provided, mats, weights., Delivered to you on site. Instructors fully qualified with exceptional standard

Please fill out the inquiry form below to request a call back. Please give details of approximate size of class and location and what you are interested in and we will come back to you with our class brochure, which contains further details and pricing. 

Thank you so much. Megan

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